My ISP is cool. Is yours?

Colin L. Hildinger (
Mon, 05 May 97 18:05:15 -0500

Below is a message I got back from one of my ISP's TS guys:

On Thu, 1 May 1997, Colin L. Hildinger wrote:

> Hey Brent:
> I just thought, since you guys have a few machines around, and, uh,
> good connectivity, that you might want to participate in the
> coordinated effort to break RSA's Secret Key Challenge. I mean, we all
> know that 56-bit DES encryption isn't that great, so I thought maybe
> you guys at IONet would like to help out. Check out the web page:
> All the clients run at very low priority, so they won't interfere with
> any tasks (IOW - you could even run it on the real servers, though I'm
> sure you wouldn't). What I thought you might do is run it in the
> background on the machines around the office (I'm sure there are a
> few), and maybe if one of your machines cracked the code, I could get,
> like, 10 years of free access. ;-)

I will give it a shot. Thanks for the info.

Colin L. Hildinger

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