Deshall creating an Electron Hurricane in my Processor!!!

Michael R. McClelland (
Mon, 5 May 1997 18:38:19 -0500

Someone mentioned the idea of wearing out a processor and I remembered
reading about an odd sounding phenomenon in Scientific American(one of my
favorite sources for odd sounding phenomena),so I dug it up and sure enough
it states that current flow can erode wires. Go figure. Not so funny now,
One seemingly simple solution is to switch from aluminum wiring, which is
now the standard, to copper. Copper exhibits lower resistance, and it is
also less subject to a phenomenon known as the electron wind, the tendency
of a dense flow of current coursing through a narrow wire to erode the
metal. "You get a gap in the metal because the electrons blow the metal
molecules down the wires," remarks G. Dan Hutcheson, president of VLSI
If you'd like to read the whole article go here:
The Lightning in a BrainStorm is caused by Eclectricity