Re: What is out Computering power?

Nathan D. T. Boyd (
Tue, 06 May 1997 01:12:11 -0400 wrote:
> Not to be offensive, but this rocks! My P200 (not pro) is doing 2^30
> complimentary pairs in around 2048 seconds! I bet you guys are gonna say, how
> did he do that! The answer is lying on I've got the Asus
> P/I-P55T2P4 board, and I'm running it at 83MHz x 2.5 clock multiplier. It just
> goes to show that a little tweaking of your hardware can increase your k/s rate,
> sometimes largely. Of course I'm not taking into account that the number above
> could be on a system with other stuff running, so... was
> that number on a bare system?
> Jason Gmoser

I have a dual Pentium Pro 200 system. During the day, I leave one
deschal6 process running, and it usually takes 2280-2290 seconds to do
2^30 keys (niceness '1' -- I can't even tell it's running).

At night, I startup another deschal6 process, and both clients average
about 2270 seconds for 2^30 keys.

I am not going to consider over-clocking my CPU -- my system was
designed to run at 200 Mhz and so it shall run at 200 Mhz. I do not
believe that doing so is risk-free.

Nonetheless, I am a bit surprised at the performance being reported by
Pentium clients. Do the Pentium and PPro have the same number of
integer pipelines? (I am assuming that the optimized client keeps the
integer pipelines full pretty much 100% of the time). Is the bottleneck
perhaps outside of the CPU?



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