Re: Most basic help request you will ever see on this list:

Mike Alexander (
Tue, 6 May 1997 02:49:16 -0400

At 2:02 AM -0400 5/6/97, Randolph Mitchell wrote:
>How do I resume processing DESChallMac.604.out?
>I tried to quit the application; now cannot resume crunching numbers,
>can't quit the app., can't shut down my machine. Had hoped to let it run
>all night.
>Flames for general ignorance cheerfully accepted; for any help, TIA.

The version for the Mac doesn't quit when you ask it to. You have to use
Command-Option-Escape (the general keystroke to abort the frontmost app) to
get rid of it. I also discovered that once you saved the output, it's
permanently stuck and never does any more calculations, which may be the
other thing you saw.

You're question wasn't such a dumb question. Dumb questions are really
hard to come up with. I know professor who used to start off the first
class each term by offering an A to anyone who could ask a really dumb
question. I don't think he ever paid off, but he got some interesting

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