Re: Most basic help request you will ever see on this list:

dpush (
Tue, 6 May 1997 03:16:52 -0500

>At 2:02 AM -0400 5/6/97, Randolph Mitchell wrote:
>>How do I resume processing DESChallMac.604.out?
>>I tried to quit the application; now cannot resume crunching numbers,
>>can't quit the app., can't shut down my machine. Had hoped to let it run
>>all night.
>>Flames for general ignorance cheerfully accepted; for any help, TIA.
>The version for the Mac doesn't quit when you ask it to. You have to use
>Command-Option-Escape (the general keystroke to abort the frontmost app) to
>get rid of it. I also discovered that once you saved the output, it's
>permanently stuck and never does any more calculations, which may be the
>other thing you saw.

Right. A force quit. Just Dl'd today and went through the same thing.
Then, like Randolph I thought I'd let it run all night. The app kept
terminating. Then this clue truck came by and keyserver dropped off the
back of it. Duh(I said to myself,silently), it has to check against the
key. Well, I knew I didn't have it. Must be at <>.
The joyously inviting e-mail I got from a listserv today forgot to mention
how handy a static IP would be in this whole affair. My oversight.

>You're question wasn't such a dumb question. Dumb questions are really
>hard to come up with. I know professor who used to start off the first
>class each term by offering an A to anyone who could ask a really dumb
>question. I don't think he ever paid off, but he got some interesting

No dumb questions, only dumb answers.