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On Tue, 6 May 1997 02:22:56 -0400 (EDT), a psychedelic

>>our little group here at wmu decided to run deschall on two
>>groups of sparcs5/20s. one sysadmin just killed the jobs for
>>various "too much load" and other reasons. the other shut off
>>our accounts and reported us to the dean. *sigh*

>Hmmm, could you rename it to report some acedemic program's
>name? ;-)

This does bring up a good point--it's probably a better idea to
clear it with the sysadmin BEFORE you ramp the load up on all of
his machines. They're usually pretty twitchy around here, and
our effort got somewhat bolloxed by this (ie, we can't run it on machines [well, I do when I'm logged in]). If
you've been reported to the dean of students, you're probably
really's the conversation:

Dean: Support says you were running programs on all of their
computers. Why were you wasting resources like that?
Jay: It's not wasting resources, you see, we're participating
in a world-wide effort to break Data Encryption Standard...
Dean: So you were wasting the school's time trying to crack
into computers? I also hear that your name has been changed to
"a psychedelic psychopath". Are you writing viruses?
Jay: No, no, it's a contest sponsored by RSA Data Encryption to
see who can...
Dean: So you're using school computers to try to break into
this DES place and steal money?

(And on and on until they boot you out of school entirely)

It WOULD be a very good idea to change your user name away from
'psychedelic psychopath'. I had "Student/Hacker" as part of my
.sig file when I visited OUR dean of students, and he felt that
was an indication of my computer usage habits.

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