RE: What is out Computering power?

Nelson Minar (
Tue, 6 May 1997 12:44:29 -0400

I said:
>>My PPro 200 is doing 2^30 complementary pairs in 2240 seconds. That
>>works out to 950 kkeys/second.

This is for a generic PPro 200, Natoma chipset (from Micron) running
Redhat Linux 4.1.

And no, I'm not about to overclock my system. Maybe you think your
overclocked computer isn't failing, but how would you really know? If
I really wanted a 10% speed boost I would have sprung for the 512k L2
cache. Or bought an AMD K6 :-)

I'm suprised that the Pentium is faster than the PPro at DES. Is that
because the DES client has been specifically Pentium optimized, or is
it something more fundamental in the chip? DES is really a weird
benchmark for a CPU..

Dennis Okon answered:
>I was just wondering, isn't this rathe rslow for a PPro 200? My P5 200
>(Win95) is averaging 2^30 comp. pairs in 2140 seconds when I'm not doing

A Win95 box doing nothing is doing less than a Linux box doing nothing.
If nothing else, cron is firing up atrun every minute to process at jobs.

Nelson, noting that running deschall has proven to be a real education..