Re: Nice Level

Nelson Minar (
Tue, 6 May 1997 12:49:27 -0400

>how is it possible to run the Sparc client with a different nice
>level? (not the default, which is 10)

I believe the Unix clients run code themselves which set their nice
level to 10. In most Unix systems, normal users can always increase
the nice level (and thereby make the process lower priority), but they
can never decrease it. So it's easy to make deschall run more nice
than 10, but hard to make it run less nice.

I personally run deschall at the lowest priority - nice 19. That's easy:
$ nice -19 deschall
(or "nice 19", depending on your flavour of Unix. - is ambiguous)

If you want to run it at a higher priority, you'll have to renice it
as root. Something like
$ deschall
$ ps axu | grep deschall # read out the process id
$ su
# renice -10 <process-id>

It's probably not worth the hassle.

(btw, anyone understand WinNT scheduling well enough to explain to me
why deschall steals so much CPU from the screen saver? The starfield
screensaver has really jerky animation. Is WinNT scheduling really
that bad, or is this some sort of feature? It's not like the
screensaver should be taking up much CPU time.)