Re: dean of students and Deschall...

a psychedelic psychopath (
Tue, 6 May 1997 13:00:28 -0400 (EDT)

>> >our little group here at wmu decided to run deschall on two
>> >groups of sparcs5/20s. one sysadmin just killed the jobs for
>> >various "too much load" and other reasons. the other shut
>> >off our accounts and reported us to the dean. *sigh*
>> Hmmm, could you rename it to report some acedemic program's
>> name? ;-)
>Bad idea. I am an admin. Better to go to your admin and enlist
>their aid in this project in the first place.. I know of very
>few who woudn't actively help out if asked to be a *part* of the
>project rather than having it inflicted on them. You might find
>that they can in fact toss more resources and butt-covering your
>way than you can possibly imagine. We usually have access to
>more hardware than you do, and less accountability.

actually, admin #1 had some valid reasons that would need to be
discussed. admin #2 would have said no anyway. going to lunch
with #1 might have helped (and he may let us do it in the future
from our conversastions), but #2 would still say no, due to
politics at wmu. hell, students are not even allowed web pages
due to politics and policies. ( for
info). we do believe this was the correct method, try, then see
what happens.

we shall meet with the dean next week i gather. he shall
probably have a list of complaints that he, the non-computer
user, is supposed to yell at us about. "too much load" we can
handle with simple analogies able being `nice' in a line at the
bank. but, for the "too much bandwidth" argument, every 45
minutes or so, deschall transfer 56bits+more of data. how much
does does it actually send? give me exact numbers. 56bit==7
typed letters on a keyboard, but what about the addition
checksums, etc.