Re: Java

Dan Oetting (
Tue, 6 May 1997 21:08:07 -0600

Dennis Okon <> wrote:
>I was talking to Derek Atkins (one of the guys who broke RSA-129), and he
>suggested we write a Java app of the engine and run it in the background of
>a popular website. If you make the number of keys in a single block small
>(like 2^20 pairs), they could easily be checked while people surf the web.
>I don't know what sights would host this, but if Yahoo or Altavista ....
>-Dennis Okon

A pure Java cient would run pretty slow. If on the other hand, Java has
access to an encryption library that already includes the DES code compiled
for the local machine, the throughput might be acceptable. But it probably
doesn't because of the export restrictions :(

-- Dan Oetting <>