Re: RPM and Debian packages?

Stephen Langasek (
Tue, 6 May 1997 22:47:14 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 6 May 1997, Nelson Minar wrote:
> I just realized (duh) that a good way to make it easier for a lot of
> Linux people to run deschall would be to make RPM and Debian packages
> that install the client along with an RC script to launch it at
> startup. That way a RedHat user could just say
> # rpm --install
> and everything would be taken care of.

> Anyone know how to do this offhand? If not I'll figure out how to do
> the RedHat version this weekend. It'd be a lot easier (but not
> necessary) if the client itself is part of the package. Could an RPM
> be added to the deschall archive?

Debian packages, I'm given to understand, are built with good
old-fashioned ar; there are probably people familiar with this from other
applications. RedHat, on the other hand, built their own proprietary
setup... So unless there's anyone on here who's done redhat packages in
the past, this'll be new territory for whoever gets volunteered for the
job. :) (Maybe I'll bug my roommate to do it. He seems to have memorized
all the command-line options for rpm, anyways, so he might have a clue as
to how to go about this... :)

-Steve Langasek

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