Re: RPM and Debian packages?

Stephen Langasek (
Wed, 7 May 1997 00:08:41 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 6 May 1997, mickey wrote:

> > I just realized (duh) that a good way to make it easier for a lot of
> > Linux people to run deschall would be to make RPM and Debian packages
> > that install the client along with an RC script to launch it at
> > startup. That way a RedHat user could just say
> > # rpm --install

> i doubt this is necessary because all there is to deschall is a single
> bin, and even at that, i doubt that people would want to and/ or have the
> permission to install an rpm on the computer they are doing it on...

Which is the point at which you run up to your favorite sysadmin and say,
'mister, mister, could you please install this?' And how much better if
you have a nice, neat package to offer them. :)

But there are also a fair number of people who run Linux on their own
personal machines. Like, say, me. :)


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