Re: Computer Flake Outs (was: Re: On Overclocking - READ THIS!)

andrew meggs (
Wed, 7 May 1997 02:18:50 -0400

>On another note - Could the person who has been working on the PPC
>assembly version give us any idea when that will be released?

It needs to be debugged, but I'm not likely to get to work on it until
Thursday night at the earliest. I spent what little time I had today being

> Will the
>linuxppc version include the optimized code?

LinuxPPC, AIX, and, if someone attempts the ports, NT/PowerPC and BeOS are
all potential candidates for its use, but I'm not familiar enough with the
development tools for those OSes to do the job. It will be up to the people
who did the ports in the first place to integrate the code if they see fit,
which will probably be a nontrivial job since assemblers sometimes vary
widely in their dialects even when they're targetting the same processor,
and the structure of the assembly reflects the structure of the MacOS (and,
fortunately, AIX) runtime model.

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