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C Matthew Curtin (
Wed, 7 May 1997 16:58:12 -0400 (EDT)

>>>>> "David" == David Weingart <> writes:

David> It should be noted, however, that cracking RC5 encryption is
David> not the only RSA challenge. There is also another effort afoot
David> to crack DES encryption. These are separate endeavors, and
David> should not be confused. RSA is running several contests to
David> prove that the government's restriction on cryptography is
David> dangerous.

All good. You might even want to mention that because DES encryptions
are faster than RC5 encryptions, it will -- on average -- take less
horsepower to crack a (56-bit) DES key than a 56-bit RC5 key. Might
also be worth noting that 56-bit RC5 is currently the smallest-key RC5
contest still on. Just phrase that better than I did :-)

David> connection. As with the effort to break the RC5 algorithm, the

Not trying to break the algorithm, trying to find a particular key, by
brute force. (Big difference.) Otherwise, this paragraph is good.

David> The person whose computer finds the key will receive $4,000 of
David> the $10,000 prize.

Might be better to say "will be able to decide what's done with the
$4,000." While someone _can_ keep it, I suspect that there are many
folks who, because of using their employers'/universities' equipment
or whatever, will instead offer the bucks to a "worthwhile" cause, as
was done with the prize money for the 48-bit RC5 crack.

Other than that, I say it's good!

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