Re: Graphing glitches
Wed, 07 May 1997 17:10:07 -0700

Hi Dan,

:>You didn't say what your domain (or IP address) was., or

:>I checked DNS and the and name servers are
not reverse mapping
:>addresses so your stats would show up under the your IP address.

OK, that explains why I can't find my hostname. The Geocities is just a
forwarding email account to this one. What is wierd is that my IP (or a
snippet of it) does not show in the stats, the keymaster should at least
be getting that! Doesn't make one to secure thinking that their machine
might find the key, but might not be able to be identified!

:>My conclusion is that you host IP address is not in one of the nets
:>192.216, 204.241, 204.7, 205.180, 206.168 or 206.184. Or someone has
:>already requested that your net be anonymous.

I'm on a small WAN here, and am sure I'm the only one running DESChall
on it, so pre-anon isn't the answer.

:>Whats really interesting is:
:> # whois
:> Sorry, you shouldn't see this record.
:>So I suggest you go next door and ask the CIA or NSA agents what your
:>anonymous name is so you can see your stats.

Not sure what this means, but it doesn't sound good! Thanks for all your
help Dan.

Dean Mills, DevBahn Archiver/Founder.

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