Re: MIT student newspaper article

Joe Gross (
Wed, 07 May 1997 23:33:30 -0500 (Nelson Minar) wrote:

> An article appeared in yesterday's MIT paper about our efforts with
> deschall. In the fifteen hours after distribution of the paper we
> added about 120 machines - a 50% increase! I think by tomorrow we'll
> have surpassed for machines and might even take number one
> for number of keys cracked per day.

We'll have to see about that. :)

We bought 50 Dual 200mhz Ultra's for a lab next fall and are
using 40 of them this summer specifically for the challenge (ahh the
beauty of jumpstart) They were set up late last night so we'll see
what the rankings look like tomorrow.
for some neat pictures of the "powerstack."

We will add the client to 300 high end workstations once finals end
next friday.

I guess the real question is what will happen when the dorm folks from
the respective schools go home.

I'm curious where MIT is running the clients and how much that will be
impacted when they let out for summer. A lot of ours are dorm machines
that will go away at the end of next week. Hopefully idle lab machines
can take up the slack.

Anyone know when MIT's semester ends?

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