Re: MIT student newspaper article

Nathan D. T. Boyd (
Thu, 08 May 1997 01:30:27 -0400

Joe Gross wrote:
> We bought 50 Dual 200mhz Ultra's for a lab next fall and are
> using 40 of them this summer specifically for the challenge (ahh the
> beauty of jumpstart) They were set up late last night so we'll see
> what the rankings look like tomorrow.

Now that just ain't fair. The NCSA is definitely contributing big!

I was curious as to how the size of the student bodies stacked up... I
guess that UIUC has about 25K undergrads, while MIT has 4K -- MIT has
about 4K graduate students as well, I'm not sure about UIUC.

> We will add the client to 300 high end workstations once finals end
> next friday.

It seems that your I/S people are quite a bit more enthusiastic than
people around here. Our systems people don't like the idea of
supporting the effort unless the source code is freely available - hence
our campus network is probably largely untapped at the moment (I'm not
sure how many machines we're talking -- probably close to a thousand in

> I guess the real question is what will happen when the dorm folks from
> the respective schools go home.

I would guess that the vast majority of our contribution comes from
individual's personal machines -- I know of know
labs/supercomputer/clusters dedicated to DESCHALL.

I am afraid that MIT will get hit quite hard, especially with the lack
of I/S support (who could get the thing running on the campus network if
they wanted). Also, MIT's facilities will still be used regularly
during the summer due to the amount of ongoing research: I don't see 300
high-end workstations suddenly opening up for dedicated DESCHALL use.

Our finals finish up May 23rd...


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