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Joe Gross (
Thu, 08 May 1997 02:11:31 -0500

"Nathan D. T. Boyd" <> wrote:

> Now that just ain't fair. The NCSA is definitely contributing big!

Actually the NCSA isn't contributing much of anything beyond some
folks desk machines. NCSA and the rest of UIUC are pretty seperate in
their computing resources. I'd love to see NCSA sick their new 128
processor SGI/Cray Origin 2000 server on this but I don't see that
happening. They're a lot more political and serious about their
computing resources. It's that silly research thing, I guess. :)

> I was curious as to how the size of the student bodies stacked up... I
> guess that UIUC has about 25K undergrads, while MIT has 4K -- MIT has
> about 4K graduate students as well, I'm not sure about UIUC.

We've only got about 9k in engineering and the school isn't nearly as
geek-centric as MIT. I'd get laughed at if I wrote an article for the
school paper about the contest.

> It seems that your I/S people are quite a bit more enthusiastic than
> people around here. Our systems people don't like the idea of
> supporting the effort unless the source code is freely available - hence
> our campus network is probably largely untapped at the moment (I'm not
> sure how many machines we're talking -- probably close to a thousand in
> total).

I guess our I/S people (myself and a few others) are a bit more laid
back as well. We certainly aren't going to run them on machines that
are being used for classes. Even though it uses idle cycles, it just
sets a bad example.

> I am afraid that MIT will get hit quite hard, especially with the lack
> of I/S support (who could get the thing running on the campus network if
> they wanted). Also, MIT's facilities will still be used regularly
> during the summer due to the amount of ongoing research: I don't see 300
> high-end workstations suddenly opening up for dedicated DESCHALL use.

We're going to lose all the dorm room machines as well as about 150
dorm lab P133's. Then again the key might be broken before next week.

A question for Rocke.

Is it possible to get a listing of every machine from a site? I'm very
interested to know where those 368 machines are coming from. If you
don't want to give out the entire hostname perhaps just the second
level domain (ie

good luck everyone!

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