Re: Windows TCP/IP LAN

Randy Weems (
Thu, 08 May 1997 06:02:58 PDT

>On Wed, 7 May 1997, David Ward wrote:
>> Forgive my TCP/IP ignorance, but i have a lan with a bunch of Windows NT
>> and 95 clients. I would love to donate all of the idle cycles, but i only
>> have one Internet connection through MS's dial-up networking. Does anyone
>> know if i can share this connection to run deschall on all of the pc's?
>Check out a program called (I think) WinGate. It should allow you to do
>exactly this. You should be able to find it on or
> If it works, I'd love to head about it.
>Disclaimer: I havn't actually tried any of this. :-)
>Justin Dolske

David, I second the WinGate recommendation. We're using it here, and
it works great. V2.0b is out, but I recommend sticking with v1.3.17
for now. I tried 2.0 for a few weeks; it's much more powerful, but
it kept losing the connection, locking up, etc. 1.3.17 is less
powerful but pretty much rock solid stable.

If you need any help setting up WinGate with a DESChall proxy (you
have to add a UDP mapping proxy on 8669), drop me a line. I've
set it up on both 1.3.17 and 2.0 and it's a snap (once you learn
your way around WinGate).

-Randy Weems

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