Client ID?

TC Lai (
Thu, 8 May 1997 10:28:03 -0700


I'm curious - is there any way of determining how many of each client we
currently have in use?

While DESChall is primarily about cooperation (with a bit of intercampus
rivalry thrown in), it might be useful to have a listing of how many of each
type of machine we have. For example:

Out of 1500 clients
20% are 586 machines running Windows
10% are 601 PowerPC machines running MacOS

These stats might be a good tool to enlist OS partisans in the race to break
DES (ie, MacintoshOS, Linux, NT users.) For example, if MacOS is only
putting in 5% of the clients/keys, I can put out a call with weight to die
hard Macintosh users to download the client and start cranking - all in the
name of bolstering the MacOS. If Windows is losing ground to some other OS,
I'm sure some brave soul could attempt to post to one of the advocacy or
announce groups and try and gain support that way.

At least one of the RC5 challenges is ranking clients in this way, and it
seems to be a good way of getting attention.

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