Re: Deschall as a Windows NT Service?
Thu, 8 May 1997 15:19:39 -0400

In Windows NT, go to Control Panel -> Services. Double click on the
service you are interested in (deschal). There will be a checkbox
that says something like 'Allow service to interact with the
desktop'. Click on this and that should fix the problem. I haven't
messed with srvany so if it doesn't cause the deschal program to show
up in that list of services, then it could require a registry guru to
get it working.

Hope that helps.

- Mark

On 8 May 97 at 14:52, Nathan D. T. Boyd wrote:

> Is it possible to run deschall as an NT service and still keep a
> local log file? It appears that NT services cannot both have
> network I/O access as well as local I/O access -- when I try to ">>"
> redirect deschall's output to a logfile, my service will not start
> (I am using the NT resource kit's srvany.exe app to run the
> application as a service).
> When I eliminate the redirection from the service parameters, the
> service *does* start correctly -- anyone know where/if the output is
> going?
> Thanks,
> Nate
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