Re: Client ID?

Ronald Van Iwaarden (
Thu, 08 May 97 15:35:24

On Thu, 08 May 97 11:08:34, Dean Mills wrote:

>On Thu, 8 May 1997 10:28:03 -0700, TC Lai wrote:
>>I'm curious - is there any way of determining how many of each client we
>>currently have in use?
>>These stats might be a good tool to enlist OS partisans in the race to break
>>DES (ie, MacintoshOS, Linux, NT users.)
>I first saw this URL yesterday.
>While it's not the number of clients, you can tell right away (updated
>every 1/2 hour) which platform is "pulling it's weight" and which one
>needs help. It inspired me anyway. I started with 1 machine doing
>midnight to 8AM, then I noticed OS/2 was down in the numbers, and now
>have 3 machines going 24/7, and another 5 going online today, just for
>DESChall, so point any OS advocates and zealots from any OS camp to

Be aware that this URL corresponds to the number of clients in the Solnet
effort, not the DESChal effort. DESChal is the US/Canada effort with clients
written by Rockne Verser while the Solnet effort uses clients written by a
Finnish author and is exempt from the Stupid US Export laws.

>that URL and tell them you want platform X to be # 5 by Monday! :)
>(OS/2 was 15 or 16 last week, it's now 11, so it is possible).

The OS/2 client only came online last Friday evening so it is really climbing
the charts. It is presently #11 as you say and should break the top 10 within
48hrs. It will require a large number of people to switch (I DO NOT ADVOCATE
people to come on board in order to climb beyond #10. If you know some non
US/Canada people/computers who want to join in the game, point them to the
international DES Challenge home page at


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