Re: Script for client loading

Ethan M. O'Connor (
Thu, 08 May 1997 15:59:27 -0400

At 02:41 PM 5/8/97 -0400, Nelson Minar wrote:
>>We have alot of idle workstation time, but when they are being used, we
>>obviously have more important things to do, so the client would need to stop
>>or go way, way down in priority.
>If you're running Unix, just run the deschall clients at nice 19 and
>leave it at that. Let the Unix scheduler get the process out of the
>way, no need to do anything peculiar yourself. Really.
>Presumably this advice also applies for Windows "idle" priority. But I
>don't know enough about Windows scheduling to really trust it.

I see nearly zero decrease in benchmarks when running deschall... perhaps 1%
or so, but no more. Additionally, the working set is less than 500KB, so
it's hardly going to make your machine suddenly run out of memory.