Re: Script for client loading

Rick Hornsby (
Thu, 08 May 1997 17:21:11 -0400

>If you're running Unix, just run the deschall clients at nice 19 and
>leave it at that. Let the Unix scheduler get the process out of the
>way, no need to do anything peculiar yourself. Really.
>Presumably this advice also applies for Windows "idle" priority. But I
>don't know enough about Windows scheduling to really trust it.

I'm running deschall on a dx4/100 win95 box here in my room at OSU.

There is a collection of UNIX ports - a few little things like ps, nice,
and kill for windoze95/NT. There are three priority levels for nice -
idle, normal, high, and real.

or directly to the zip file

I make no garuntees about these programs under 95 though. I've been
setting deschall to normal (via a shortcut key to a batch file) when I know
I'm going to be away. deschall defaults to idle when you first load it,
which doesn't seem to affect system performance at all. But when reniced
to normal, deschall pretty much chews up everything, so I make sure that
its a full screen and that the screen saver isn't allowed to come on - and
that another shortcut key to a batch file that renices it to idle is
available so I can have my machine back ;) The performance difference
seems to be about ~100 seconds for 2^28 keys when niced to 'normal'. I've
not tried renicing it to high or real - do so at your own risk.

I'm thinking of following up on a suggestion I saw here and putting a small
linux partition on my HD and running deschall from that. '95 if by day,
linux if by night ... ;)

Would anyone care to venture any answers to these: Why are the PIDs
negative values in '95? (I've heard they're the same under NT). Why does
windoze seem to assign the same PID to a process every time its run? Why
does every single process show the same KTime (Kernel?) and all show 0
UTime (user?) Or should I just chalk it up to the one simple answer -
'Bill'? ;)

568 -115321 IDLE 00:00:00 1179:47:21 DESCHAL4


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