RE: Windows TCP/IP LAN

Dan Oetting (
Thu, 8 May 1997 16:18:31 -0600

Shaun Stuart <> writes:
>FWIW, my ISP does offer unlimited access for a flat rate, but they also
>include a clause in their contract saying that this does not mean a
>dedicated line (for which they charge much more) and that if you are
>connected 24 hrs/day, they reserve the right to cut you off and/or
>increase your bill. Personally, I log in when I get home, let it run all
>night, and log off before leaving for work in the morning. On weekends, I
>log in Friday evening and stay connected continuously until Monday
>morning. No complaints yet :-)

How many other potential clients are you blocking because they can't
connect to the ISP?. Deschall is supposed to be using the idle capacity of
our computer systems. By staying connected while deschall runs you are
taking a potentially active resource and forcing it to be idle.

All versions of PPP on the MAC should have auto connect capability. If you
are worried about not being able to reconnect because all the lines are
busy then you should definitely not be wasting the line to run deschall.

-- Dan Oetting <>