Re: Script for client loading

Daniel Berlin (
Thu, 8 May 1997 18:29:16 -0400

I've run it at real overnight.
it actually does make a difference.
does 2^21 in 4-5 seconds instead of 6.
2^30 in 2740 seconds
as compared to 2^29 in 1640 (which should make 2^30 in 3240-3300 seconds
seconds with it set to low, both were run overnight when my computer was
doing absolutely nothing.
makes sense too
2^9=512 seconds
that's a significant difference.
as long as you have DESCHALL the process in the foreground, it's pretty
easy to ctrl-c it.

as for SP2, wouldn't know about it.
I'm on a version of NT i can't talk about.

---->Don't set it to real... your system will not respond to mouse
>input our even ctrl-alt-dlt. Under NT, you'll be okay as long
>as you've applied one of the post SP2 patches to the scheduler,
>but it's really just not a good idea :)
>A program designed to run at real-time priority must be written
>_very_ carefully to make sure that it is explicitly yielding processor
>time frequently under any conceivable program state.
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