Re: Client ID?

Jason Gmoser (
Thu, 08 May 1997 22:50:40 GMT

On Thu, 8 May 1997 14:58:11 -0700, you wrote:

> It runs slowly and sucks up alot of RAM here on my tiny 486's (Only
> 16MB RAM avail). Furthermore, I have a modem connection and not much
> disk space and the log files are LARGE. I have worked out an
> arrangement to use another machine, but that may fall thru.
> Anyone out there with a P5-P6, >32MB RAM >700MB HD free, fast net
> connection I can run this on daily? You may have to sign an NDA
> with Rocke, but I am not sure.

Yeah, I've got a P5-200 with 96M RAM and I can install this 1.6G drive for it.
My net connection consists of a Satellite Dish... ;) 400Kbps, I can get around
70K/s binary out of it, who knows what I can do with just text... I would have
to run it between 6P to 6A on the weekdays and any time on the weekends, so I
don't have to pay for the download. I am a coder, in my eyes anyway, so I could
help you improve on your program, file input or html output.... NDA, no
problem. No credit, no problem. No life, no problem. Wow, I'm REALLY bored,
can you tell? :)

Jason Gmoser