Re:UDP Port 8669 and WinProxy by Ositis Software

David Martin (
Thu, 08 May 1997 17:29:32 -0600

At 10:44 PM 5/8/97 GMT, Jason Gmoser wrote:
>Does anyone know how to get winproxy to work right?
> I've mapped my port 8669
>UDP from (the IP of my machine/firewall) to 8669 on
> and it's not doing (any) thing....
>Can someone explain this to me?
>Jason Gmoser

I've had the exact same results (nothing) trying to use WinProxy by Ositis
Software to map UDP port 8669. All my other mappings work smoothly, but
something about DESCHALL's UDP does not find WinProxy's port 8669 - There
is never any activity logged by the proxy server.

I'd sure like to learn more about what I've been doing wrong.

David Martin