Re: Client ID?

Colin L. Hildinger (
Thu, 08 May 97 19:33:45 -0500

On Thu, 08 May 97 15:47:03, Dean Mills wrote:

>I've got a P-166 w/ 64MB w/ about 1.5GB free space, on a 24/7 cable
>modem connection (10x faster than dialup usually). I'll sign over my
>eye teeth to help out! I'm running OS/2, but can do DOS, Win3.x, and am
>willing to try just about naything else as well! By next week above
>machine will be a PPro 200 w/128MB and another 2.3GB of HD. Lemme know
>if you need some cycles :)

And you don't have it set up as a web server yet? I think he said it
was in Java anyway, right?

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