Can't connect to keyserver

Freddie Cash (
Thu, 8 May 1997 20:11:49 -0800

Hey there, hope someone can help with this...

I connect to my ISP (the local college running DEC VAX/VMS on an Alpha server)
via a 14.4K modem. My PC is an AMD 486/100 running Win95. I can connect to
the ISP fine (can send/receive email, surf the web, etc...).

I start deschal4 (deschal4.exe, it cycles through the self-test,
then just sits there. Blank screen. According to DUN, it's generating network
traffic. After 25 minutes of this, I killed it, then restarted it
(deschal4.exe Same thing.

My question is, is this a client-side or server-side problem? Is my machine
screwed, or my ISP? Is 14.4K too slow?

I can receive UDP packets in RealAudio, so I'm pretty sure I'm not behind a
firewall or proxie (of course, I could be wrong, I know NOTHING about network
stuff). DUN was set up according to instructions provided by the ISP.

3 weeks ago, I was running Deschal from this same PC via a LAN, and it worked

Any clues?