Re: DESCHALL self-test [was overclocking]

andrew meggs (
Fri, 9 May 1997 05:02:06 -0400

>As for Andrew Megg's assertion that he found an overclocking defect,
>I must respectfully argue that there are many other possibilities
>he has not excluded before making such a hasty assumption.

The computer displayed a 100% reproducible problem when overclocked. The
problem could not be reproduced at all when clocked at the rated speed. I
would love to hear what, besides overclocking, you think might be the
cause. The machine in question is one I'll be dealing with long after
deschall is gone, so I'm more interested in getting to the bottom of this
than anyone. For my own purposes, I will thoroughly investigate any
reasonable possibility you might be able to suggest, and, if you're
interested, I'll give you a full report.

Andrew Meggs, content provider Antennahead Industries, Inc.
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