NeXTStep version for X86 (FAT binary?)

Scott M. Hinnrichs (
Fri, 9 May 1997 02:31:00 -0800

Could someone please recompile the NeXTStep 68k version for x86? Even
better, can the person that did the m68k version issue a FAT binary (HP and
Solaris versions would be nice too).

If access is a problem I can let you login over the net to recompile.

After NeXT week, there will be a few more NeXTtep x86 boxes running. At
the Apple WWDC they will be providing NeXTStep 4.2 to the attendees to use
as development environments in preperation for Rhapsody development.

If you get a version ready by Tuesday I can get the word out at WWDC.

Thanks, Scott