RE: Windows TCP/IP LAN

Shaun Stuart (
Fri, 9 May 1997 07:59:33 -0400

>Shaun Stuart <> writes:
>>increase your bill. Personally, I log in when I get home, let it run =
>>night, and log off before leaving for work in the morning. On =
weekends, I
>>log in Friday evening and stay connected continuously until Monday
>>morning. No complaints yet :-)
>How many other potential clients are you blocking because they can't
>connect to the ISP?. Deschall is supposed to be using the idle capacity =
>our computer systems. By staying connected while deschall runs you are
>taking a potentially active resource and forcing it to be idle.

Considering I've never encountered a busy signal dialing in to my ISP =
during the past 8 months I've been with them, I don't believe this is a =

>All versions of PPP on the MAC should have auto connect capability. If =
>are worried about not being able to reconnect because all the lines are
>busy then you should definitely not be wasting the line to run =

I'm not running a Mac and I'm not worried about reconnecting because of =
busy signals.