RE: sollentuna in deschall rankings

Hagander Magnus (
Fri, 9 May 1997 18:12:24 +0200

>>was looking at the rankings for yesterday this morning
>> 28672*2^20 1 the obvious question of
>>"don't they have their own challenge?", the other one is How the heck they
>>got the client, without someone doing a little international arms
>They're just tracking our progress so they don't repeat the keys we already
>tested. By keeping ahead of us in the selected keys to process even if we
>are 20% faster they would have an 80% chance of finding the key first! I
>trust (hope) Rocke thought about this.
I would like to clearify what Fredrik said before - this is _not_ what
we are doing.
He tried out the client to:
a) Test its performance
b) Check how it worked, from a users point of view.

When time comes, we may look into coordinating the two efforts. But when
(and if) this happens, it will be mutual, and coordinated with Rocke. We
not use what you have done for our credit.


Magnus Hagander
The SolNET DES Team