RE: sollentuna in deschall rankings

Rick Hornsby (
Fri, 09 May 1997 12:36:22 -0400

At 18.12 05.09.97 +0200, Hagander Magnus wrote:
>I would like to clearify what Fredrik said before - this is _not_ what
>we are doing.
>He tried out the client to:
>a) Test its performance
>b) Check how it worked, from a users point of view.
>When time comes, we may look into coordinating the two efforts. But when
>(and if) this happens, it will be mutual, and coordinated with Rocke. We
>will not use what you have done for our credit.

Maybe I missed the point. I thought this was a team effort. We're all
working together for a common goal - showing that DES is outdated and
insufficent for needs of today, and of tommorow. I think the _friendly_
rivalry between the schools is great - but this stuff about blocking access
from other places because they're checking out what we're up to? com'on
guys :) The bigger the team, the faster we'll be able to crack this thing
- and I think the more satisfaction we'll have knowing that everyone got a
small part :)

"We're a group of Internet users working together, in a coordinated effort,
to solve the RSA DES Challenge. We hope to solve the challenge within the
next few months by harnessing the collective power of computers connected
to the Internet."

"We should probably respond to this offense..."

Its only an "offense" if you make it out to be ;)