Re: Cable Modem Users - What's it like?

Stephen Langasek (
Fri, 9 May 1997 13:46:14 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 9 May 1997, Aaron Williams wrote:

> > Deschall's ratings. The way I
> > read it, it's like being on a LAN, connected to the Internet through a
> > fire-wall.
> No firewall! Security is an issue. Lots of idiots turn on file and
> print sharing. You wouldn't believe how many disks are readable and
> WRITABLE. It is like a LAN, but a LAN connected directly to the
> Internet without any firewall between you and the world (at least with
> my setup).

Wouldn't believe it, eh? I live in a university residence hall--when it
comes to computer networks, I'd believe *anything*. :)

-Steve Langasek

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