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Fri, 9 May 1997 14:41:14 -0600

> Subject: Re: sollentuna in deschall rankings
> On Fri, 9 May 1997, Dan Oetting wrote:
> > "Daniel Berlin" <> wrote:
> >
> > >was looking at the rankings for yesterday this morning
> > > 28672*2^20 1 the obvious question of
> > >"don't they have their own challenge?", the other one is How the heck they
> > >got the client, without someone doing a little international arms
> > >trafficking
> >
> > They're just tracking our progress so they don't repeat the keys we already
> > tested. By keeping ahead of us in the selected keys to process even if we
> > are 20% faster they would have an 80% chance of finding the key first! I
> > trust (hope) Rocke thought about this.
> We should probably respond to this offense by starting to assign different
> numbers as well as blocking requests from their domain. I'm uncomfortable
> knowing that they're even allowed to puruse our mailing list.


First of all, every little bit helps. SolNet has placed us 12 seconds
closer to the solution. :) [30064771072 keys / 2.5e9 keys-per-second]

It's not my concern how they got the software. I suppose it's the
concern of the FBI. All I know is they didn't get it from me. The
US border leaks like a sieve with respect to cryptography products.
[Another example of how US law hurts US industry -- The products get
to foreign soil, anyway; but royalties don't come back to the US.]

SolNet has announced that they preassigned their "master" keyblocks in
a random order, and that they are distributing their keyspace in the
order preassigned.

DESCHALL does *not* issue it's keys sequentially, but it's not entirely
random, either. How DESCHALL assigns and processes keyspace is subject
to the Non-Disclosure Agreement our developers have signed, so further
comment is inappropriate.

As far as blocking their requests -- I have no intention of blocking
*anybody's* request unless they somehow abuse the keyserver.

As far as disallowing their access to the mailing list -- I trust
that Matt will continue to allow everybody to read our mailing list!
[I read SolNet's mailing list.]

SolNet and DESCHALL are working competitively, toward a common goal.
I certainly hope that a DESCHALL client finds the key. But if the
Probability Gods gave me the choice of letting SolNet find the key
tomorrow or DESCHALL finding the key in 44 weeks, I'd let SolNet
find it tomorrow.

And finally, the SolNet organizers are a Class Act. They have never
said or done anything distasteful or disparaging towards DESCHALL.

They were forthcoming when they discovered their server had been spammed.
[They could have pretended it wasn't happenning; they could have
continued to claim a highly inflated keyspace rate; but they didn't.]

As I said in my posting to *their* mailing list a few days ago: "If US
export laws weren't what they are, I suspect we would be collaborating."

Best of luck to the SolNet people.

Best of luck to DESCHALL clients.

-- Rocke Verser
-- DESCHALL author and organizer