Re: P150 v P200MMX

Daniel Berlin (
Fri, 9 May 1997 21:11:27 -0400

Speaking of MMX, i remember reading that someone rewrote their idea
algorithm to take advantage of MMX (changed nothing else but that, so no
other real optimizations were added), and the throughput of their crypter
in ECB mode (only one they were using in the program) went from under
10mbps to 45mbps (5,735 k i think was their figure).

From: Robert A. Hayden <>
To: DESCHALL Mailing List <>
Date: Friday, May 09, 1997 9:06 PM
Subject: P150 v P200MMX

>I upgraded to a P200MMX yesterday, and I thought I'd pass on the changes
>in DESChall performance.
>Before, I got 2^29 keys in about 2000 seconds, now I'm getting 2^30 in
>2100 seconds or so.
>Just FYI :-)
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