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Fri, 09 May 97 23:19:36 -0500

In <>, on
05/09/97 at 10:44 PM,
"Corbett J. Klempay" <> said:

>past? I must's quite impressive that it has taken this many
>clients to saturate this server. (8700+, not counting ones hidden
>behind firewalls) I bet SolNet wishes they had server-side setups like
>this! :)

I have to agree. After participating for over a month I have only
noticed a few problems. And they've been fixed quickly. As for the
number, don't forget people like myself with dial up accounts. In the
stats for yesterday it shows 7 different ip addresses for my system,
since it is dynamically allocated. It probably doesn't offset all the
ones behind the firewalls though.


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