Re: Larger Blocks?

Ronald Van Iwaarden (
Sat, 10 May 97 13:23:05

On Sat, 10 May 97 12:43:36 -0400, Milton Forte II wrote:

>In <>, on 05/10/97
> at 08:40 AM, "Andrew James Alan Welty" <>
>>Maybe we finished all the 2^29 blocks? Mine skipped over 2^29 and
went from
>>a 2^28 to a 2^30.
>Okay, I haven't stopped and restarted deschal4, since the switch. --

Shouldn't this reduce the load on the server considerably as well?
With twice as large of blocks, each machine now polls the server only
half as often. While the load won't go down by a half, it should be
reduced considerably.

BTW, I think it says quite a bit about Rockne's forsight when you
notice that DESChal is only requiring an old rickety 486/66 for a
server when Solnet is requiring 4 servers just to keep up. Go

BTW, does anyone know when/where we will be seeing the new
statistics? At the rate we are going, we may get this thing cracked
before we see the new stats!

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