Re: Where do we go when we are done?

Dennis Okon (
Sat, 10 May 1997 14:06:37 -0400

At 01:25 PM 5/10/97, Ronald Van Iwaarden wrote:
>Things are progressing _very_ well now with the estimated time to
>100% completion at 40 weeks, we will be done within 1.5 months if the
>present growth continues. Once we are done here, it would be nice if
>we could all then immediately throw our weight behind some other
>challenge and crack that one just as quickly.

I just did some analysis and curve fitting to the data posted on the web:

It looks like we've fallen from exponetial growth and are somewhere much
closer to O(n^3).

Growth R^2 value Date for 50% Date for 100%
O(e^n) 0.983 5/31/97 6/8/97
O(n^3) 0.999 7/10/97 8/8/97
O(n^2) 0.977 9/4/97 11/11/97

sustaining yesterday's rate of 228277906046976 keys
9/29/97 3/6/98

Of course, you can use as high a power polynomial you want and it'll fit
closer and closer. This may also completely change in the next few weeks
depending on if schools getting out means more or less computers.