Re: A MacOS challenge.

TC Lai (
Sat, 10 May 1997 11:25:48 -0700

>I've got three Macs at home: A desktop and two powerbooks. What I
>have is the desktop machine connected into my ISP via PPP over the
>modem, and all three computers hooked together via ethernet. Is
>there any way to get the desktop machine to act like a gateway so
>that all three can run DESChall and communicate to the internet
>just over the PPP line? Any ideas???

If you want to hook up just two machines, use VICOM's SurfDoubler. If you
need to hook up more than that, you'll need to get VICOM's Internet
Gateway. There's a free demo available at their website that allows for a
10 minute connect (enough to figure out if you like it.) An alternative is
running SoftRouter (which is $50 cheaper), though you lose the firewall
characteristic of Internet Gateway.

Using Vicom's Intenet Gateway, you can service any machine (PC, Mac, etc.)
that uses TCP/IP, although you'll need at least a 68030 with 2 megs of ram
(and modem or other connection device) to run the actual gateway app.

Their website it at <>

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