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Jeff Gilchrist (
Sat, 10 May 1997 20:34:45 GMT

Will Koffel <> wrote:
>I'm also interested to know which universities are officially sponsering
>Deschall, which have student run groups, and which are just individuals.
>Any data on that. I think university computing resources can be a
>tremendous asset to the project, but many programs are hesitant about
>intruducing projects like deschall to their main networks (i.e. MIT's
>powerful Athena computing enviornment/network)

I am coordinating all the DESCHALL computers at UNB (University of New
Brunswick) in Canada. I have permission from the Faculty of Computer
Science and Computing Services so I am running it in some of the labs and
even some profs are running it on their machines. I wouldn't exactly say
they are sponsoring it but they approve of me running the clients.


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