Server Keyspace Sizes

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Sat, 10 May 1997 16:51:09 -0600


Shortly after midnight (MDT) this morning, I changed the server to send
larger blocks to the new bitslice clients. [The previous maximum of
2^30 pairs only took 12 minutes at 3 MKPS. :) ]

I also changed the server to send blocks twice as large as previously.
(Up to the 2^30 pair maximum for non-bitslice clients.)

Consider this an experiment. If this causes serious problems, please
let me know.

Yesterday, the raw packet logs were 50MB in size. The postprocessed logs
were another 18MB. This simple change has lowered the load on the server
from about 50% to around 30%. And the logs are running about 35% smaller
than yesterday.


-- Rocke