Re: Client ID?

Ronald Van Iwaarden (
Sun, 11 May 97 08:31:59

On Sat, 10 May 1997 21:22:06 -0700, Michael Driscoll wrote:

>>I agree 100%. When the clients get pretty much wrapped up, I look for
>>construction of 56-bit RC5 clients to begin. Hopefully, the things
>>learned with DESCHALL will make the RC5 crack easier.
>You guys are going to run your own RC5 effort? Did you know that there
>already exists a RC5-56 effort, HQ'd at

the only RC5-56 effort I know of is the Bovine effort.

>We're keeping the source available and allowing people worldwide to

What are you doing to ensure that the client does the work it claims it
does? With public source code, I would think that you are wide open for a
hacker to maliciously destroy all your efforts.

>I guess we'll be the guinea pigs for ITAR enforcement in
>this matter. I've heard that we've already gotten word from SolNET that
>they'll try to help us out when DES-56 is finished, can I also ask that
>some of you might try to do the same and make this one giant effort?

If all the forces of Solnet and DESCHAL were thrown behind your effort as
soon as we are done, I am sure we would crack RC5-56 quite quickly. What
do you say folks? Does this sound doable? Perhaps a message could be
put on the DESCHAL and Solnet web pages stating that this is the plan...

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