Re: Why crack more than 40bit RC5 keys? (WAS RE: RC5, hiding source code)

Active Matrix (
Sat, 11 May 1996 19:24:06 -0400

> But as demonstrations of crypto cracks go, I wonder whether we've
> played it out already. RSA-129 and the first RC5-40 were historic
> moments. And I think breaking DES once will be historic, just because
> DES is so important. But There's something like 10,000 computers working
> on DES now between SolNet and DESCHALL. That's a huge amount of
> effort. Isn't anyone else worried that the news story is going to read
> "DES Secure - takes 10,000 computers six months to break one key"
> ??

Hopefully it will be made apparent that any large organization or
namely, a government, has the resources to consolidate that kind
of computing power into a handfull of dedicated, specially designed