Re: Why crack more than 40bit RC5 keys? (WAS RE: RC5, hiding source code)

Michael Driscoll (
Sun, 11 May 1997 18:52:15 -0700

>I think we all are. Rocke articulated some of the excitement
>surrounding the possibilities here very well last week, or the week
>before. Making supercomputing available to anyone who can demonstrate
>a need for that kind of power, without costing anyone anything is
>indeed exciting stuff.

One of the main co-ordinators of the RC5 Bovine effort, Duncan, has also
been thinking along these lines. He has already gotten the domain for this purpose, and hopes to form a network of
distributed computing out of anyone still willing to do this stuff when
the contests are done. If you're serious about doing efforts like these
in the future, I'd suggest you compare notes with him first

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