Re: GA Tech is actually #1 now

Kees Cook (
Sun, 11 May 1997 23:30:06 -0500 (CDT)

On Sun, 11 May 1997, Perry Minyard wrote:

> That's right; you read the subject correctly. We _are_ processing more keys
> per day than UIUC because Tech is actually listed twice in the rankings.

Heh. And who has tested more _total_ keys? ;) According to the graphs,
UIUC: ~350 trillion. GA Tech: ~80 trillion.

> 21244544*2^20 543
> 21179320*2^20 683
> 85000*2^20 4 130.207 GT owns this whole netblock!
> ============= ===
> 21264320*2^20 687
> We're number 1!

You're only number one when you're at the top of the list. :) If those
machines had proper DNS, you'd be number 1. S'okay, though. UIUC
people have claims to machines outside our domain too, and it adds up to
more than 85000*2^20, so we're still winning.

Get those machines some DNS, and we can really get this show on the road.
:P I do have to give GA Tech credit... they sure did scare up a lot of
machines in a hurry! Where were you all about 3 weeks ago? We could have
been doing this fighting for first back then. (And gotten more keys done!

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