Re: GA Tech is actually #1 now

Jason Bennett (
Mon, 12 May 1997 02:29:15 -0400

Quoting Kees Cook (

> Heh. And who has tested more _total_ keys? ;) According to the graphs,
> UIUC: ~350 trillion. GA Tech: ~80 trillion.

Is there any way to have a nice table with these statistics, so we
can compare?

> :P I do have to give GA Tech credit... they sure did scare up a lot of
> machines in a hurry! Where were you all about 3 weeks ago? We could have
> been doing this fighting for first back then. (And gotten more keys done!
> Wheee!)

Actually, there's a great story here. A few weeks ago, SI released a
poll saying the University[sic] of Georgia has the best mascot. Well, the
local paper decided to run its own little poll on its website.
Unfortunately, they forgot to check for multiple votes. So, some Tech people
go on the git.* newsgroups and persuaded some others to run scripts and hit
the server with tons of votes. We won the poll. :-))

Flash forward a week or so, and Vincent (I think) posts a message about
needing more people on DES, since MIT and a school was beating us. Like
moths to a flame! <g>


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