FW: sollentuna in deschall rankings

Zuschlag, Fred N. (694047@swfmail.swflant.lmsc.lockheed.com)
Mon, 12 May 97 06:59:00 PDT

What I want to know is how you think that one person from an alternative
effort is going to know which keys we have tested by running one client
for a little while? The keyblocks I get don't seem to be in sequence, so
how is a few blocks-to-test going to tell them what space we have or have
not tried?

Exactly what "offense" have they committed?

Fred Zuschlag

Sent: Friday, May 09, 1997 12:09 PM
To: Dan Oetting
Cc: deschall
Subject: Re: sollentuna in deschall rankings

On Fri, 9 May 1997, Dan Oetting wrote:

> "Daniel Berlin" <bmdberlin@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> >was looking at the rankings for yesterday this morning
> > 28672*2^20 1 sollentuna.se.hmmm.Besides the obvious question
> >"don't they have their own challenge?", the other one is How the heck
> >got the client, without someone doing a little international arms
> >trafficking
> They're just tracking our progress so they don't repeat the keys we
> tested. By keeping ahead of us in the selected keys to process even if
> are 20% faster they would have an 80% chance of finding the key first!
> trust (hope) Rocke thought about this.

We should probably respond to this offense by starting to assign
numbers as well as blocking requests from their domain. I'm
knowing that they're even allowed to puruse our mailing list.